Trip usage

(max. 4 hours/ride)

Waiting List

Why a waiting list?

Velo Antwerpen continues to be a bigger success than expected. There’s major interest for year cards. That’s why Velo works with a waiting list to issue new year cards. That way Velo can control the distribution of year cards until the maximum is reached. In case of too many year cards Velo isn’t able to maintain a good regulation of the different bike stations.

The advantage of working with a waiting list is that Velo can perfectly measure the use of the bikes in the meantime. So the Velo team can determine exactly how many year cards are still available. Do the new year card owners use the bikes less than average? Then Velo is able to issue more year cards. If on the other hand the new customers are ‘heavy users’, the limit will be reached earlier.

How does the waiting list work?

You can subscribe to the waiting list below. You will immediately receive a confirmation of your subscription by e-mail.

As soon as there are year cards available, you will receive a code a few days later to confirm your subscription for a year card within the following 15 days.

Do you want to use the bikes in the meantime anyway?

Day and week passes are still unlimited available, as they are mostly used during quiet periods, outside rush hours.

A day pass costs 4,00 euro and is valid for 24 hours; a week pass costs 10,00 euro. You can order day or week pass up to 30 days in advance with your credit card (Mastercard or Visa).