Trip usage

Our bikes

The bike

If you want to explore Antwerp, you do it with this bike. The strong and handy bike is made especially for short distances in the city. Meet the Velo!


By turning the right handlebar you can easily shift between the 3 gears. That way you can beat wind and light slopes at your own pace.

Drive mechanism

The drive mechanism is powered by the drive shaft. In the absence of a chain you avoid oil and grease on your clothes. The drive shaft is also stronger and easier to maintain than a chain.

Comfortable saddle

The saddle is very comfortable. The height is easily adaptable by opening the saddle clamp and sliding your saddle higher or lower.

Reflectors and self-powered lights

The bikes need reflectors and lights as the bikes are used 24 hours a day. Thanks to the hub dynamo in the front wheel your lights are always automatically on and you won’t have an extra resistance while pedaling.

Luggage rack

The luggage rack is integrated in the steering wheel. With the elastic straps you can secure your bag or groceries and have a safe ride.

Durable tires

With durable tires you can bike through the city without having to worry about a flat tire. We use nitrogen to inflate the tires, so they retain their pressure longer.


The mudguards at the front and back prevent dirt and water from splashing. They avoid getting between the wheels with your clothes.