General information about our services

  • Can I lend my Velo card to someone else?

    Your Velo card is personal: it is linked to your name and your bank account. If you lend out your Velo card or user codes to someone else at your own risk, you remain responsible for rented bicycles and how they are used. This also applies to any costs incurred.


    For more information: read the general terms and conditions.

  • Can anyone use Velo?

    In principle, Velo Antwerp can be used by everyone over the age of 16. (Users between 16 and 18 years of age must have parental consent). All users are responsible for proper use. Read the general terms and conditions for more information.

  • When can I make use of Velo Antwerp’s services?

    In principle, Velo Antwerp’s services are available around the clock. In exceptional circumstances, our services may be temporarily unavailable due to maintenance, force majeure, etc.

  • I would like to file a complaint or make a suggestion. What can I do?

    To file a complaint, please send an e-mail to Mention the word 'complaint' in the subject line so that the right service can follow up the complaint.


    To make a suggestion, please send and e-mail to, mentioning the word ‘suggestion’ in the subject line. Thanks!

  • I would like to stay informed about Velo’s services. What should I do?

    We’ll automatically keep you informed of the latest news regarding your plan (e.g. charges) and our services on the e-mail address you provided when you signed up.


    Would you like to receive our newsletter and messages from our partners? Go to the User Zone and click on ‘my details’. You can also unsubscribe from mailing lists here.


    Go to‘find a bike’ or follow us on facebook to stay informed about the status of our Velo stations (temporarily unavailable, relocation, ...)

Questions about access to /signing up for Velo

  • How can I get access the Velo bikes?

    1. Select the pass type that suits you best in the rates menu.

      The registration fee covers the first 30 minutes of every ride.

    2. Sign up for your day pass, week pass or annual card.


    Any questions? Contact us!

  • I would like more information about a charge

    Do you have a Velo annual card?


    Registering for or renewing a Velo annual card costs € 55. If you use a bike for more than 30 minutes, you pay extra, in accordance with the rates. You will receive an e-mail with an invoice a few days later.


    From the moment you receive the e-mail, you will also be able to find the invoice in the User Zone:

    1. Log in with your username (e-mail address) and your password.

    2. Click on ‘charges’ and select the charge in question.

    3. You will now see a list of charges, their specifications and more information about your ride.


    If you have a day or week pass,

    check the rates for longer use or contact us for more info.

  • How can I pay for Velo services?

    You can pay for an annual card by direct debit (bank account) or by credit card (mastercard/visa).


    You can pay for day or week passes by credit card.


    To make sure that you can always use Velo, even after your current annual card has expired or if you incur additional costs, you should always have a valid means of payment linked to your account.

  • I’m trying to sign up, but the site is telling me that I already have a Velo Antwerp account. What does this mean?

    This means that you created an account with Velo Antwerp using this e-mail address in the past.


    How can I still register?


    • Go to the User Zone and log in with your username (e-mail address) and your password. If you can’t remember your password, request a new one.

    • Click on ‘my plan’ and buy a new one.

  • When signing up for an annual plan, I am asked to create a username (e-mail address) and password. What are they for?

    When you sign up for an annual plan, you also create an account with Velo Antwerp. The username (e-mail address) and password will let you log in to the User Zone


    After you cancel your plan, you can still use the same credentials to log in to the User Zone again and purchase a new plan.


    Find out what you can do in the User Zone

  • I get error messages during the registration process or keep getting stuck.

    If you get an error message after entering your personal details, scroll to the top of the screen to find out why your registration cannot be completed. The field blocking the process will have a red frame.


    E.g.: phone numbers should always start with a country code (such as +32), followed by a mobile phone number without the initial (0).


    If you can’t find the cause, please contact us or visit the Velo counter during office hours to complete the registration process with customer service.


    Are you getting stuck during the payment process?

  • My registration has not been completed because my payment could not be processed. How can I sign up now?

    Errors may occur during the payment process, when entering your credit card details or when authenticating your payment details (secure 3D authentication) for all sorts of reasons. When this happens, you will either be on the website of our payment provider Atos Worldline or on your bank’s website.


    We recommend that you try again later, because the error may be caused by an outage or a communication problem between the different web pages. Sometimes, the problem can be solved by using a different browser (e.g. Google chrome) or a different device to complete the registration process.


    If you experience the same problem again, we recommend contacting Atos Worldline or your bank, so that they can tell you why the payment cannot be processed.


    You can always ask our customer service during office hours.

  • I had a Velo pass in the past. Can I use the service again?

    If you had a Velo annual card in the past, you can log in to the User Zone again to buy a new plan. Usually, your username will be your e-mail address. You can always request a new password.


    If your e-mail address has changed and you can’t remember your password, please contact customer service.

  • How long will it take for my annual card to arrive?

    After signing up, you will receive your welcome package and Velo annual card within 10 working days. In practice, we find it usually only takes about 3 working days.

Daily use: bikes, stations and availability

  • How do I check if I have returned my bike correctly?

    After returning your bike, hold your card in front of the card reader or enter your user codes. A confirmation will appear on the screen when you have registered your bike correctly.


    If you are a subscriber, you can also receive the confirmation on your smartphone, which is even faster!


    You will immediately receive a push notification with confirmation and information about the duration of your ride.


    How can I receive push notifications?

    1. Stay logged in to your user area in the app.
    2. Activate push notifications in your phone (once).

    Read here how to do this.

    If you don't have the app on your smartphone yet, download the Velo app for Android or Ios.


    What if you haven’t received a notification or confirmation? Then you should report this through the Velo app or contact us directly. 

  • How can I activate push notifications in the Velo APP?


    1. Check that you have the minimum 3.0.0 version in the Velo-APP settings.
    2. You will need to log in to the Velo APP with the email address that is linked to your Velo card and password.
    3. If you have an Android device, you will automatically receive notifications.


    1. Check that you have the minimum 3.0.0 version in the Velo-APP settings.
    2. Go to settings and choose "notifications"
    3. Then select "Velo Antwerpen"
    4. Select; allow notifications
    5. You will need to log in to the Velo APP with the email address that is linked to your Velo card and your password.


    If you don't receive a notification after returning your bike, your ride has not been terminated and you should immediately contact our customer service at +32 (0)3 206 50 30.

  • I returned by bike to the dock, but the message on the screen says I still have a bike out.

    Check whether you can return the bike to a different dock. If you can, present your Velo card to the card reader again or enter your codes (day/ week pass) for verification.

    If the bike is locked in the dock, but the system won’t confirm it, please report this immediately by:


    1. Going to the Velo app.

    2. The User Zone on the website for annual card users.

    3. Phone (leave a voicemail message if you are calling at night).


    We will need the following info from you to track the bike:

    1. Who you are (identification via your Velo card number of user codes)

    2. The station number

    3. The dock number

    4. The bike number (on the front of the mudguard)


    Attention: If you do not report this immediately, our systems will assume that you are still using the bike and will automatically start charging extra (see our rates) until a docking station recognises that the bike has been returned.

  • I'm responsible for my bike. What does this mean?

    You are responsible for the bicycle and its use when you rent a bicycle. (A ride starts when the screen at the Velo station assigns you a dock and a bike and ends when the screen confirms you have returned the bike.


    What are you responsible for?


    1. Obey traffic rules.

    2. Only use a bike if it’s working properly. If the bike is faulty, borrow another one.

    3. If you damage the bike or damage someone else’s property, always report it immediately.

    4. Return your bike properly! Never leave an unlocked bike unattended, because you are responsible for the bike! If you’re done cycling for a while, return the bike to one of our Velo stations.

    5. If you lose your Velo card, make sure to block it immediately by going to the User Zone. You can also contact us by phone.


    Your Velo account is personal, so you are responsible at all times, even if you lend your Velo card or user codes to someone else.


    For more information, read the terms of use and our general terms and conditions.

  • I've been involved in an accident on my bike. What should I do? Am I insured?

    If there is only material damage, a collision form will suffice. In the event of injuries, arguments or a hit-and-run, you should have an official report drawn up by the police. For more information in the event of an accident:


    Velo Antwerp’s general terms and conditions recommend that you take out civil liability insurance.


    With regard to the bike:


    1. Never leave an unlocked bike unattended. Even when the bike is damaged, try to return it to a Velo station. Indicate that it can’t be used by others by flipping the saddle around and block the bike via the Velo app.

    2. Always report the damaged bike to the Velo Customer Service by phone or by e-mail. Velo can come pick up the bike and cancel your ride after you have been in touch. The insurance companies of the parties involved will then settle the costs.

  • What if I am assigned a faulty bike? How can I make sure that it isn’t assigned to someone else?

    When you report a faulty bike via the Velo app or by calling/e-mailing customer service, the bike is automatically set to ‘faulty’ and will no longer be assigned.


    Tip: If you notice that a bike is broken, flip the saddle around. This tells other Velo customers and the Velo pickup team that the bike is broken.

  • What if I find myself at a full or empty station?

    Present your Velo card to the card reader or enter your codes. You will see a list of nearby stations that still have free slots or available bikes. If your station is full, you will get an extra 15 minutes to return your bike to another station.


    Tip: avoid going to full or empty stations by checking availability in advance. Use the Velo app or go to the ‘find a bike’ page on the website.

  • My bike was stolen. What now?

    Customers are responsible for their bike from the moment the bike is assigned, until the bike is properly returned. If the bike has not been returned after 24 hours, you will be charged € 150. After 48 hours, you will be charged € 500. For more information, please refer to the general terms and conditions


    Tip: Never leave an unlocked bike unattended. When returning a bike, always check whether it’s properly secured in the dock and check whether the docking station confirms that you have returned your bike.

  • I can see that there are bikes at the station, but the system refuses to assign one to me. Why?

    Faulty bikes are blocked, so that the system can’t assign them to anyone until they have been picked up and repaired. In some cases, the dock may be broken, which means the bike in question can’t be rented either.

  • Can I return a bike to a dock with a red light?

    No, please do not do this. Docks marked with a red light are out of order. If you return a bike to such a dock, the docking station will not be able to confirm that your bike was correctly put back in place. Make sure to always return your bike to a dock with a green light.

  • I want to report a problem with the app, but I keep seeing an error message.

    When submitting a report with the Velo app, it’s important that you enter the requested information correctly. All information is checked for accuracy. For example: station numbers must always consist of 3 digits and bike numbers must correspond to the number on the mudguard.


    If you entered all information and the app still gives you an error message, please send an e-mail to with the following details to help us investigate the matter:

    1. Print screen of the completed form, the error message, the time and the date.

    2. Version of the Velo Antwerp app (in the menu under “settings”).

    3. Smartphone make, model and software version (under the “settings” menu on your smartphone).

  • I have been assigned a dock but it won’t release the bike. What should I do?

    After a station assigns you a dock, you have 1 minute to take your bike from the dock. If the bike isn’t released, but you receive a notification telling you that you’re still using a bike, please contact our customer service department immediately. They will try to assign you a new bike.

  • I’ve found an abandoned Velo on the street. What should I do?

    Take the bike back to the nearest Velo station and return it to a dock. Thanks from everyone at Velo! If there’s no Velo station near you, you can always contact our customer service.

  • How do I know that a station is out of service? How will I know when the station will be available again?

    You can tell whether a station is out of service by its status in the Velo app or on the map on the website, because the station will have a grey colour. When a station is set to stay closed for more than a few days, Velo will inform you via Facebook. Go to the website and click on ‘find a station’ for a list of stations.

  • How do I report a problem?

    To report any problems with Velo stations, bikes or docks, please use the User Zone, visit the website, or call us by phone.

Manage my account and annual plan

  • I can’t log into the User Zone

    The User Zone is only accessible to annual card users, not to day or week pass users.


    Your username is your e-mail address.


    1. Forgot your password?

        • Go to the User Zone and click on contact us if you can’t remember your username (usernames are unique).

        • Enter your username (e-mail address) to receive an e-mail with a link to choose a new password.

        • From now on, you can log in with this new password.

    2. If your e-mail address is linked to one or more accounts?

      • Contact us if you can’t remember your username (usernames are unique).


    GDPR and privacy are very important to Velo Antwerp, so we will only be able to help you if you send an e-mail from your own e-mail address or identify yourself by phone.

  • What can I do in my User Zone?

    You can do the following in your User Zone:

    1. Change your personal details and payment details.

    2. Check your ride and payment history and pay any outstanding charges so that you can continue using Velo.

    3. Buy new plans, if your previous plan has expired.

    4. Activate, block and request a new Velo card.

  • How do I renew my annual card?

    Your Velo annual card is renewed automatically. We’ll send you an e-mail to remind you 30 days before the end date of your current plan. All you have to do is check whether the payment method linked to your annual card is still valid and/or has sufficient balance. You can also go to the User Zone to cancel your plan or your renewal immediately. If you choose to cancel the renewal, you can continue enjoying Velo until the final day of your current plan.

  • The payment method linked to my account is no longer valid. Is it important that I change it?

    Yes, there must always be a valid payment method linked to your Velo annual card.


    If your credit card expires, if it is renewed for some reason or if your bank account number changes, you must provide Velo with your new details via the User Zone.


    If your payment is refused or if your credit card expires, you will temporarily be unable to use the service.

  • How do I know when my annual card will expire or be renewed?

    Log in to the User Zone and click on ‘my plan’. Here, you can see how many days you have left on your plan. If you don’t cancel your plan, it will be renewed automatically, so you can enjoy Velo’s services for another 365 days.

  • I’m in the User Zone and can see that I have an account, but not an active plan. What does this mean?

    When you sign up for an annual plan, you create an account with Velo Antwerp first, before actually purchasing the plan. When this plan is cancelled for whatever reason or not renewed, you can always log in to the User Zone to purchase a new plan.

  • I have entered my payment details in the User Zone to renew my Velo plan. How long will it take before I can use Velo bikes again?

    If you pay by credit card, you can start taking bikes straight after you update your payment details. Any outstanding invoices will be collected automatically.


    If you pay by direct debit and your payment was refused, please contact customer service to find out how to pay and when you can use our services again.

My annual card or user codes

  • I received my annual card, but it doesn’t work when I try to scan it at a Velo station.

    When you receive your Velo annual card by post, it has not yet been activated. You must first activate it in the User Zone. After activating your card, you can take a bike right away. Please contact us if you have any questions.

  • How can I tell apart my Velo card from the cards of other users, such as my family members?

    Log in to your User Zone on the website. Next to your Velo card, you’ll find the activated card number linked to your account.


    Cards are personal and you are responsible for any bike taken and returned with your Velo card. For more information about your responsibilities, please click here.

  • I lost my annual card. What should I do?

    Block your Velo card via the Velo app or thee User Zone on the website. You can also contact our customer service. Make sure to block your card immediately to prevent abuse!

  • I ordered an annual card more than 10 days ago, but I haven’t received it yet.

    Go to the User Zone and check your address details. If the information is incorrect, please correct it and contact customer service.

  • Velo stations don’t recognise my Velo card. What should I do?

    If you don't get any message on the Velo station screen, try again at a different station. If you have the same problem here, your Velo card is probably defect.


    If the card itself is still in good condition, take a photo of the front and backside and send the photos to We will then send you a free duplicate. Make sure the correct address is stated in your Velo account. If the card is damaged, you pay € 5 for a duplicate.


    Do not forget to activate the card before you start using it.

Questions about invoices

  • I would like to receive an invoice (without VAT)

    1. Do you have a Velo annual card?

      1. Go to the User Zone and log in with your username (e-mail address) and your password.

      2. Click on ‘charges’ and select the invoice for which you would like to receive an invoice.

      3. Click on the pdf symbol next to the charge to open your invoice.

      4. Save the pdf file or print your invoice.

    2. Do you have a day or week pass?

      Please send an e-mail to, specifying the user codes you used to borrow the bike and the date and amount stated on the invoice. Our customer service will send you an invoice by e-mail.

  • I would like to receive an invoice (with VAT)

    You can request an invoice for amounts starting from € 25.


    Please send an e-mail to bewith the following details:


    1. Name of invoicing clerk or manager

    2. Company name

    3. Company address

    4. VAT number

    5. The Velo card numbers for which you would like to receive an invoice, specifying the date and amount of the invoice(s) in question.

  • If I don’t use my day or week pass, can I get a (partial) refund?

    Day or week passes will not be refunded. You can use your pass for up to 30 days after purchase.

  • I’ve received a notification that a payment has been refused and that I can’t use the service. How do I fix this?

    Go to the User Zone and select ‘ charges’ in the menu. You can check your outstanding invoices here.

      • To pay any outstanding invoices by credit card,

        enter your credit card details. Your outstanding invoices will be paid automatically and immediately. After your payment has been processed, you will be able to access Velo bikes immediately.

      • To pay any outstanding invoices by direct debit,

        If the bank details in your profile are correct, please contact customer service to try again. To pay with a new bank account, update your payment details and contact customer service afterwards. They will tell you when you can start using the service again.

  • The registration fee for Velo covers all your trips up to 30 minutes. If you want to cycle longer or use a bike for more than 30 minutes, you pay extra. Please find a list of our rates for longer use below.

    Ride duration Amount
    0h:00 min. – 0h:30 min. free of charge
    0h:30 min. – 1h:00 min. € 0,50
    1h:00 min. – 1h:30 min. € 1,50
    1h:30 min. – 2h:30 min. € 6,50
    2h:30 min. – 3h:30 min. € 11,50
    3h:30 min. – 4h:30 min. € 16,50
    4h:30 min. – 5h:30 min. € 21,50
    5h:30 min. – 6h:30 min. € 26,50
    6h:30 min. – 7h:30 min. € 31,50
    7h:30 min. – 8h:30 min. € 36,50
    8h:30 min. – 9h:30 min. € 41,50
    9h:30 min. – 10h:30 min. € 46,50
    10h:30 min. – 11h:30 min. € 51.50
    11h:30 min. – 12h:30 min. € 56,50
    12h:30 min. – 13h:30 min. € 61,50
    13h:30 min. – 14h:30 min. € 66,50
    14h:30 min. – 15h:30 min. € 71,50
    15h:30 min. – 16h:30 min. € 76,50
    16h:30 min. – 17h:30 min. € 81,50
    17h:30 min. – 18h:30 min. € 86,50
    18h:30 min. – 19h:30 min. € 91,50
    19h:30 min. – 20h:30 min. € 96,50
    20h:30 min. – 21h:30 min. € 101,50
    21h:30h min. – 22h:30 min. € 106,50
    22h:30 min. – 23h:30 min. € 111,50


    After 24 hours, you will be charged a fixed fee of € 150.


    After 48 hours, the bike will be considered stolen and you will be charged € 400.


    After you return a bike, make sure that the station confirms that your ride has ended. This lets other users rent the bike and helps you avoid incurring unexpected costs.