Who is Velo

  • Velo is the first and largest bicycle sharing service in Antwerp and its districts

    Velo over time

  • 2010

    The city of Antwerp is looking for a bike sharing service. The City of Antwerp funds a large part of the project, with Clear Channel handling operations.



    Soon, Velo Antwerp turns out to be a great success with a long waiting list.



    The service is so popular that a new waiting list has to be created.



    New stations are added in the city centre to resolve bottle necks. The number of bicycles is increased to 4200.



    The project starts on 9 June 2011 with 80 Velo stations and 1000 bicycles.


    Clear Channel and the City of Antwerp expand to 150 docking stations and 1800 bikes across the city centre.


    The City of Antwerp and Clear Channel roll out the service to Antwerp’s districts. Velo Antwerp now has 300 docking stations and 3500 bikes. Since then, another 400 bikes have been added. The waiting list gradually grows smaller.

  • Bicycle maintenance and repair